Our Business Practices

The Management team at Suryadeep International is in cognizance of it’s responsibility to the community and the environment. The promoters, with their decades of experience, believe in these business practices:

Commitment to Quality

Suryadeep International has ensured that their commitment to quality reaches the factory floor and warehouses. To do this, the management leverages its experience of over 40 years in running businesses across diverse domains. The company also believes in the use of technology to maintain high quality standards.

The fact that one of the world’s most quality conscious company, Toyota, counts Suryadeep International as a supplier is testimony to it’s promise to quality.

Commitment to Fair Trade Practices

The management of Suryadeep International has stuck to its commitment for use of fair business practices irrespective of the market it operates in, or the competition. The same has been nurtured into the culture of the company.

Commitment to the Community

The Company is engaged in export of various products from different parts of Africa to all around the globe. Given the socio-economic conditions in the African region, the committee makes a conscious effort to give back to the community. Suryadeep International is actively engaged in various local developmental activities through charitable and non-governmental organizations.

Commitment to the Environment

A major part of the company’s business revolves around natural products (agricultural commodities and timber). The company understands the importance of maintaining the ecological balance and involvement in fair trade. Therefore, it chooses its suppliers and source markets after due diligence to ensure all environmental regulations are adhered to and passes the benefit to its customers.