Non Ferrous Metals

Every year a significant amount of scrap metal is produced through industrial off-cuts and wearing out of metal products. Recycling of metal scrap is not only cost effective but also the most efficient way of preserving the environment.
Non ferrous metals are rare, and mining them is expensive and has a huge impact on the ecology. Recycling helps move towards a greener tomorrow.

Non-Ferrous scrap refers to scrap metal other than iron and steel. It includes Lead, Aluminium, Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Titanium, Cobalt, Chromium and other metals. Non Ferrous scrap is recovered by collectors and dealers and processed by the recycling industry into specification grade commodities which are used to manufacture new products.

Suryadeep International FZC recycles lead, aluminium and copper. Our presence in the African continent, and a good understanding of the countries in which we operate, ensure that we are a cost-effective supplier of these metals. A quality obsessed management team ensures that more than adequate resources are allocated to have the best team and technology for quality control.

With the inherent advantage of origination and processing before shipment, Suryadeep is able to add value to the products in terms of quality and prices. The buyers are well assured of the products both in terms of quality as well as timely shipments. In this market, we mainly deal in the following: