Natural Sesame Seeds

Sesame seed is mostly grown in the semi-arid and sub-tropical regions around the world. Widely considered as a very healthy oil seed, it is consumed either as a garnishing in bakery or confectionery items, as a flavoring in the cuisines of the Middle east and Asia or in the form of oil.

The oil crushed out of sesame seeds is used principally for cooking or salad dressings. The variety of sesame seeds used for crushing is referred to as mixed sesame seeds, because of its mixture of various colored seeds – mostly yellow and brown. Certain other grades of sesame seeds which are whiter in color are mainly used in confectionery applications.

Nearly 70% of the world production is consumed in the producing countries, leaving only 30% for global trade flows. China, Japan and Turkey are the largest importers while African, Asian and Central American countries the major exporters. Typical Sesame seeds are produced on small farm lands and aggregation from various farmers needs to be done to form large supplies.

Suryadeep International has built a network of agents and farmers to be able to supply significant consignments of the product. The company also has tie-ups with hulling facilities in origins providing significant scope for value addition and passing the same to our customers.