Agricultural Commodities

Agricultural produce has been a significant piece of international trade. Now more than ever before, sourcing of different products is done from ‘producing’ nations and exported to ‘consuming’ nations.

Suryadeep International has joined the global trade of agricultural commodities in 2011 and has created an end to end procurement system of different commodities. The company aims to leverage its presence in sourcing markets like Nigeria and Ivory coast and it’s clientele in most western and Asian markets for commodity supply.

Suryadeep International is involved in all stages of the supply chain including origination, processing, logistics and distribution. Our origination expertise and our investment in infrastructure are the backbone of this business. Over a period of time, we have been successful in understanding the culture in different countries we operate in, giving us the ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with farmers, co-operatives and respective agents.

Maintaining consistently high quality, with quality control inspectors, checking the quality of produce at every stage from source through to export, is fundamental to our success.

With the inherent advantage of origination and processing before shipment, Suryadeep is able to add value to the products in terms of quality and prices. The buyers are well assured of the products both in terms of quality as well as timely shipments. In this market, we mainly deal in the following: