Welcome to Suryadeep International FZC

Suryadeep International FZC, is a Dubai Based company, dealing in a vast range of products and activities like export, import, warehousing etc. The Company's primary objective is to achieve excellence in trading and export of Non Ferrous Metals, Agricultural Commodities and Timber.

About Us

Suryadeep International is a ‘Free Zone Company,’ with an extended commercial trading license. The benefits of being an FZC are passed on to the customers in the form of lower costs and agile processing of orders and shipments.


Suryadeep International FZC has built a significant presence in its source markets. The company has built factories and warehouses in Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Dubai.

Business Practices

Suryadeep International from its inception has followed the dual mantra of Focus & Commitment to Quality and Ethical Business practices.

Contact Us

We are eager to hear from you - if you have a business inquiry or would like to discuss some of our products or services, do get in touch with us.